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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sorry for the long break have been busy sewing.
I decided to try to create wedding dresses and items for my 1/12th dolls.

Here are some of them.

Monday, 27 February 2012

My first try at making a dolls house was to start with a room or in this case a shop.

Its based on a french patisserie,all the cakes are hand made with fimo,and all the counters are made from odds and ends from my stash of boxes and bits.
The posters on the wall are from the internet ,its amazing what can be found while having a browse.
The size of the box is about 6inches by 4 inches.

This is another room made into a shop,fabric,hats,buttons,and lots more.
Again everything was hand made and enjoyable.
The size of this box is 6 inches by 5 inches.

I have decided this week I must put some time into the house I am making.
This is made as you can see from a couple of cardboard boxes,the roof is the round ends of lolly/craft sticks,in all I have cut and glued into place just over 2000 lol,but the effect is what I wanted so all is good.

I have now finished the roof and will be painting it this week,also the windows and outside will be covered,all items I use are recycled wherever possible.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello again,
I am aiming to make soon a tiny 1.5 inch doll for a 48th scale dolls house,so to practise I made this one.

She is 3 inches tall, and dressed as a maid,all hand knitted.

I used size 1.5mm knitting needles,and the wool is double knit , I take 2 strands from it,this is difficult as it often splits, but can be done.

She is made the same way as the doll I put on before but scaled down,the smaller needles make a smaller item as you will know.

The mop hat is crochet,again a tiny hook and 2 strands of wool.

I think the most difficult thing I have found with this small scale, thin needle and wool knitting is that if I drop a stitch it is almost impossible to pick up,its easier to start again,so can be very annoying.
good luck ,have a go.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This is my doll dressed.

All the dress parts are oblongs,I cast on 65 stitches for the skirt and continued till long enough,just before the waist I did decrease rows untill the skirt fitted the doll.

The pattern of the skirt is
K1,slip 1, K1 psso, till the end
Purl row
K2,slip 1 ,K1 psso till end

The bodice is cast on enough stitches to cover front then knit till long enough and do the same for the back.
Just stitch sides and shoulders.

The under skirt is the same amount of stitches as the skirt,after the first row I added knitting lace then continued till waist lengh and did same as the skirt.

The hat is knitting lace,threaded through the holes with matching wool,and pulled to make a frill.
And the glued into place.

The hair takes a little time.
I wind wool round outstretched fingers to make a loop,tie with matching thread and sew this thread to the front center of head.Then I put some glue on the head,back,sides and flattern hair down.
When dry,tease out the wool into each ply this makes the ringlets,wave.

Then I added some bling and she is finished,Good luck with your doll.....

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Today I am knitting a small doll,then will make her dress.

This is very simple,         enjoy,

she is 5inches tall so ideal for a dolls house...

LEGS (make 2)
Cast on 10 stitches and st st  20 rows.

DONT cast off,  cut wool long enough to thread threw the stitches and gather up and tie,this will be the foot.

ARMS ( make 2)

Cast on 10 stitches and st st 14 rows ,finish the same as the foot on the leg.


Cast on 20 stitches ,if you want to do knickers then change to the colour of your  choice,and st st for 8 rows the 2 rows in single rib.

Continue in your choice of skin colour  for about 2 inches in st st.

Now knit 2 then knit 2 tog to end of row.

On these remaining stitches continue until head is about 1 inch,finish off the same as the leg and arm pulling tight.

Stuff with a safe fibre stuffing all the parts,dont over stuff.

Sew with wool the base of the body,then attach the legs and arms with same colour wool.

At the decrease neck edge,with matching wool wind round and pull tight and tie to make neck,sew ends into body.

This is where I am at at this moment and now design what you wish your doll to wear.

I will put a picture on when my dolls dress ect is finished,,,,,good luck......